About The Design Truth //

I founded The Design Truth in 2011 to create brands for like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses that truly represent who they are.

I strive to get to know your business inside and out to really understand your story, your passion and your audience. With great organization and communication your brand is born. You will be included in every step of the branding process as collaboration is key to make sure you as a business owner and me as a brand strategist and designer are both on the same page.

As mentioned, I love working with like-minded entrepreneurs and small businesses because I am able to connect with the brand on a greater level. So take a look below to get to know me a little more. Does anything resonate with you? If so, we’re a match.


brand designer + strategist, owner of The Design Truth, wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter and friend to many.


  • I love when things are organized. Everything just runs a lot smoother and makes everyone happy.
  • Caring, trusting, loving, loyal and respectful are a few key words to describe me.
  • Authenticity. I’m not a fan of fake. Be you. There’s only one you in the world.
  • Communication is important. I’m not a mind reader, I’ve tried and failed.
  • I married my high school sweetheart and as cheesy as it sounds, it was one of the best days of my life.
  • I love to laugh and lucky for me my husband is pretty, pretty funny… just ask my friends.
  • I’m a beer lover but won’t pass up a wine night.
  • I suck at spelling and grammar – thank goodness for spell check.
  • I’m a small town girl, which I think has influenced who I am today.
  • I have a cat named Bear that is pretty much a human.
  • I eat peanut butter every day. #addicted
  • Grew up taking dance lessons. Nothing is better than bustin’ a move on the dance floor with your friends.
  • Being comfy is my guilty pleasure. I love a good sweats and hoodie combo. But I’m not going to lie, every once in awhile, I love getting dolled up too.
  • …and the most awesomeness thing in my life is my sweet baby girl who turned me into a Mompreneur!


Boots On The Moon Media are producing a video for my client’s business. To make sure that the video is consistent with her brand I sent over her brand strategy and style guide. This was their reply:


“Ok, 3 things:

1 – Holy CRAP…this is the best and most on-point brand outline I’ve ever seen.

2 – This is EXACTLY how she should be positioning herself. A PERSON first, a friend, someone she’d invite to dinner or call on to babysit her kids, cause she connects with them THAT much.

3 – This is EXACTLY the type of story we like to tell through video and exactly where universal marketing/branding is heading. It’s about “Who are YOU, and what benefit do YOU bring to them (clients) personally? What’s the FEELING you offer as a business?”

I also very much admire how you’ve narrowed down her target demo. This will help us HUGE with establishing some visuals that appeal to that very lifestyle.””

– Adam Liefl, Boots On The Moon Media


“I just have to chime in on what a fantastic document & brand direction this is. We will use that mood board as well all the way down to our colour grade.

Great job, Sarah!”

– Michael Chwastiak, Director. Co-Founder, Boots On The Moon Media