Huron Earth //


Huron Earth is a herbal skin line created from hand-pressed oils, homegrown herbs and locally sourced organic herbs that naturally treats chronic and acute skin issues. It is founded by Natalie Kohlruss in 2014 when her daughter suffered with severe Eczema. Natalie tried everything to treat the Eczema but nothing worked until she decided to look into herbal remedies. After seeing the results from the salve she made she started researching even more, taking courses and after 4 years of study Huron Earth was born. Calendula, lavender, mint and thyme are the herbs that are included in the logo because they are the herbs that kick started Huron Earth. Also God is a huge part of Natalie’s life. I wanted to include Him somehow into her brand. Huron Earth’s mark was perfect – HE. Yes HE are the initials of Huron Earth but it’s also a reminder for Natalie that He / God is always there to guide her through her journey.

The reply I received after presenting the logo concept I designed for her:


“OMG OMG OMG!!!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I want to put that on everything. It is exactly what I wanted. This is perfect!!”
— Natalie Kohlruss, Owner of Huron Earth